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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 9/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the ninth part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

VIP attendance

Here comes the part where probably every other eSports event organizer envys me – if you can’t stand the fact I’m in Cologne and close to ESL (and back in the days Riot) better skip this point :D

To this day the following eSports VIPs visited my events and/or afterparties: Stephano, White-Ra MMA, duckdeock, Stardust, San, Golden, Welmu, HeroMarine, Redeye, Apollo, Kaelaris, ToD, Socke, HasuObs, KnowMe, TaKe, NarutO, Sjokz, Wickd, Froggen.

In 2013 we had a Bar of Legends with ~100 guests. Maybe an hour after the LCS broadcast had ended, Sjokz, Wickd & Froggen came over to the bar to have some drinks with the fans. Unfortunately, about 90% of our visitors had left already. Those guys hopefully regret leaving early :P. The few people that stayed were probably rather happy about it ;)

Another fun fact: for the Heart of the Swarm launch party I printed and cut out +30 paper masks of SC2 personalities over several days and spread them among visitors. Check out a tweet from back then here. At this point in time I dreamed of getting people like White-Ra, Stephano or HasuObs into the bar – one year later it became reality.

Especially the korean guests really were something! As I was told it was the first BarCraft MMA ever attended and as someone who followed him since his SlayerS days I definitely felt extremely honoured. We also had duckdeock and Golden in the bar shortly before they retired (and Stephano semi-retired^^). MMA and duckdeock had both just won WCS EU and fell asleep in the bar, apparently winning tires you out.
Other noteworthy stories would be HeroMarine bringing over his EPS trophy and even allowing people to take photos with it, White-Ra mixing a drink, Kaelaris playing drums (both stories already featured in earlier stories), several VIPs definitely overstimming and Apollo & Stephano just being a cute couple.

Good times! And another example that eSports are still intimate and smallish compared to big sports. Many personalities are willing to engage with their fanbase, some of them even celebrated with them after a loss. We’ll see how long this will last with the continuing growth of eSports. At least I can say “back in my days…” at some point in the future.

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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 8/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the eighth part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

Gnimsh setting an example

Sometimes I read comments from people that don’t want to attend one of my events because they don’t drink alcohol. I usually tell them that noone cares but they probably don’t believe me.* As someone who started drinking very late and had phases in his life where he hardly drank at all I can understand them a little bit because I know there are people that don’t respect this attitude and immediately tell you that you’re boring, killing the atmosphere or similar.

A perfect example that this just isn’ true was Hearthstone progamer Marcin “Gnimsh” Filipowicz. On the last day of Gamescom 2014 we organized a little Blizzard Games party for fans of SC2, Hearthstone & Co. We already knew that the attendance wouldn’t be too big because people are usually very tired on the last day of Gamesom and rarely do anything after 4 or more days of convention stuff.

So while we only had about 30 visitors, Gnimsh and ek0p from Cloud9 suddenly entered the bar. While ek0p left early because he was tired, Gnimsh stayed in the bar until 3am. He was simply amazing, talking with everyone, joking around, sharing stories from his life before Hearthstone and how he got into it. He even played some games with visitors and gave tips, took photos with everyone and was just a great guy in general! And guess what? Gnimsh doesn’t drink alcohol. He was a perfect example that you don’t have to do this to be the center of a crowd.

*Of course the bar cares if you drink ANYTHING! If you like these events and want to support them drink something over the event. Without any income, these events will die!

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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 7/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the seventh part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

Gamescom Parties 2013 & 2014

The Gamescom parties 2013 and 2014 were the greatest thing I’ve organized in my three years. While we started “small” in 2013 with “only” 150 people each day, we topped it in 2014 with more than 200. While these numbers are great and all that’s not the special thing about gamescom – it’s the community! Gamescom is international and so is our attendance on these days. One time I counted people from 8 different countries in the bar. I once stood in a circle of people from Belgium, Lithuania, the Netherlands and England. None of these people knew each other on the same morning. They live thousands of kilometers apart and just happened to either meet at Gamescom or in our bar. Nonetheless they immediately bonded through one thing: their passion for League of Legends!

I’m still in contact to some of the people that attended these parties, regularly having facebook posts in my timeline where I don’t understand the language. Due to Cologne’s regular eSports events and ofc Gamescom I’ve actually met some people several times over the years. It’s amazing what a culture that faces so many prejudices by outsiders actually can accomplish. I love it!

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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 6/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the sixth part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

TI3 and the police showing up

Back in 2013 we showed The International 3 Finals in the bar. The show was super late and it ended around 5am if I recall correctly. The final game of the series from NaVi vs Alliance to this day remains the arguably best DotA 2 game of all time. Since it happened super late in Europe most people actually missed it. Some left, others fell asleep. (A big thanks to the Coellner bar for staying open until the very end despite people not drinking anything anymore!!!)
What the visitors did NOT miss were the first games though. To the contrary, a hardcore crew was cheering “NaVi NaVi NaVi” so loud that some monents later, the police showed up to tell us to turn down the volume. We did. Proudly!

If people think of esports events they think of boring nerds sipping on milk while watching other nerds playing a stupid game. We showed them. GG WP guys!

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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 5/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the fifth part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

IEM Katowice on-stream-feature

Our first “Bar of Legends” (a viewing Party for League of Legends) happened on January 20th 2013 and to this day I still remember the date, don’t ask me, why. One day before at the same tournament, xpeke’s famous backdoor happened and of course it was the main story at our event.

Well, it WAS until we became a part of IEM history ourselves. Due to our good connections to ESL we had a live skype-call over to Katowice with Paul “RedEye” Chaloner. Unfortunately the video quality (although broadband internet and HD webcam) kinda sucked on our side and I couldn’t understand anything (70 people going crazy around me). Nonetheless it was an amazing experience and to this day a photo of this moment is the header image of the Bar of Legends’ twitter account. At this time the ESL stream had over 220.000 viewers. I love to tell people that almost a quarter million people saw us freaking out on camera. It remains a big highlight in my personal event history and as a part of the highlight video “Amazing moments at IEM Katowice Day 3” somehow a piece of esports history. Right guys!?!?!? ;)

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29_WCSEU_Finals Barcraft (28 von 36)

The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 4/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the fourth part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

White-Ra’s Special Cocktail Tactics

The StarCraft WCS EU Finals regularly took place in Cologne in 2013 and we always did a BarCraft for the Finals and obviously invited all the players, caster & crew to celebrate with us afterwards. The first time they showed up we managed to get WhiteRa, a BroodWar and overall StarCraft legend, behind the counter. He was just the awesome person the whole scene loves for a reason, talking to everyone like you’ve been friends for years, up for a photo with everyone who asked, overall in a great mood the whole night. He only impressed us even more with some Special Tactics when he started mixing a drink that he called “Kill Ultralisk”. Just watch the video!

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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 3/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the third part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

Father & Son stories

In the beginning of our BarCrafts we had a father and a son who regularly visited us (and ESL events) together. They told me they also played together and the father had to admit that his son usually won. Still I think it’s awesome and a new generation of dads taking their sons to a game. Maybe currently it’s the other way around :D. But in 5, 10, 15 years…would you take your son to an esports event? I know I would!

In 2014 we started doing Hearthstone tournaments and we had another father who showed up with his son. The son wanted to participate and because we lacked one person for a full bracket the father took out his iPad and decided to play as well. Long story short: the son went out in the first round (he’s  gotten much better since back then and streams regularly) while the father reached the (upper or lower brakcet) final. When I told the father “your son won’t take you to any events anymore if you play that much better than him” he only responded “well, I’m the driver so how is he supposed to get to the events then?”. I literally laughed out loud!

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The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 2/10

For our three years anniversary of eSports bar events in Cologne we wrote down the best, funniest and most epic stories that witness the awesomeness of eSports and its communities. This is the second part, for all other stories check out http://barcraft-koeln.de/en/category/eventstories/.

Kaelaris drum solo & spontaneous breakdance

At our third BarCraft, James “Kaelaris” Carrol, a StarCraft caster working for ESL, visited us. Back at the time the “Coellner Bar” hat a drumkit standing in one corner and I knew that Kaelaris had taken drum lessons for several years. So of course during a break we “convinced” (read: forced) him to give a drum solo. Imagine a crowd of 50 people, not having a clue, cheering for a guy who had to play a drumset spontaneously he had no time to adjust. James was not happy with his performance at all, blaming it especially on the fact that it was right-handed drums and he’s left-handed (or vice versa – don’t sue me James!). Some random visitors tried to improve his performance with handing him some stimpacks (a green vodka handed in a syringe we serve at BarCrafts) but still, Kaelaris was not happy with his show. So suddenly, one guy out of the crowd told him to do a special beat, asks the other people for some room…and starts breakdancing.

There actually exists a video of this – filmed with a terribly old smartphone by an unprofessional nerd (me) in a waaaaay too dark environment – so you can’t see anything. If you’re an expert and want to give it a try so we can actually see anything – contact me :D

TL;DR: 50 nerds in a bar, StarCraft on several screens, one nerd playing the drums, another one breakdancing on the floor. I’d love to go back and see this from the eyes of someone not knowing what was happening. It must’ve been slightly confusing xD

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DOTA 2 Pubstomp Cologne – The International 5

We’ll be doing another DOTA 2 Pubstomp (aka BarCraft) for The International 5 Grand Final on Saturday August 8th in the “Haifisch Club”. If you don’t know where to go after gamescom maybe you wanna join us. We’ll offer our DotA-Cocktails and show the stream until the games are finished. Before and afterwards, normal music will deliver a great party atmosphere – with or without doto ;)

EVENT ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1015995981746896/

WHEN: Sat, August 8th; opening at 6 pm
WHERE: “Haifisch Club”, Im Ferkulum 24, 50678 Köln/Cologne
ON GMAPS: http://bit.ly/TI5map


  • from main station (called “Dom/HBF”) take the “16 BONN, Bad Godesberg” or the “16 KÖLN, Sürth Bf” both subway) to “Chlodwigplatz”
  • from gamescom festival take the “15 Ubierring” (subway) to “Chlodwigplatz”
  • from gamescom (station “Messe Deutz/LANXESS ARENA”) take the “3 KÖLN, Ollenhauerring” or “4 KÖLN, Bocklemünd” (both trams) to “Severinstraße” and walk 10 minutes to the pub (smartphone ftw^^)



The best stories out of 3 years of eSports bar events – Part 1/10

Hey there, my name is Andreas Malessa and in early 2012 I started doing Barcrafts in Cologne. Over the years I also organized viewing parties for League of Legends, DotA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as some community tournaments for SC2 and Hearthstone.

Our first BarCraft was announced on July 3rd 2012, so for the three years anniversary I wanted to share some moments that I think are the best/funniest/craziest among many I experienced. These stories show why I love eSports and their communities even more than three years ago! Let’s get started!

Welcoming a stranger & staying late

It was our first BarCraft and of course I tried to welcome as many people as possible personally and found some guy standing all alone at the counter. Turned out his name was Colin, he was from the US and visiting Germany for a business trip. He actually stayed around Frankfurt but since he didn’t know what to do on a Saturday evening he found out about the BarCraft, booked a hotel in Cologne and drove here.
He was kinda shy because he couldn’t speak german so I brought him to a table of friends, introduced him and told them to take care of him. 5 minutes later the whole table was speaking english – for the rest of the night! After a while the guy started giving out drinks, cheering “Eins, Zwei, Zerg” while downing shots and overall I think he had a great night.

I sure did because I don’t know many environments where you bond to a person from the other side of the world in only 5 minutes.

When the event was over – it was an MLG that ended around 3 am – some guys had missed their train home (they had come over from ~100 km away) so I stayed with them in the bar until 6. One of them had 9 “Mothership” Cocktails (which is basically a long island ice tea), I heard he slept all the way back in the train but they all came home safely :)

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ESL One Frankfurt 2015

Just like last year I visited the ESL One in Frankfurt again. ESL changed lots of things – and were suprised by others.

The first impression was the worst: the stadium’s roof was damaged and couldn’t be closed. When I arrived it wasn’t raining but you could tell that it could start every minute. I heard the roof had been damaged some days before – so ESL had to build tents where all the booths could be placed under. One of the tents was’t even finished on friday evening – meaning that the exhibitors having their booths in there had to work the whole night from friday to saturday so they could open on saturday at 9 am. A nightmare for every exhibitor but apparently not ESL’s fault.

The other impressions were not bad at all. This time the screen was facing the stands so people didn’t have to look up to have a perfect view. In my opinion this option was way better than last year’s screen (who was facing the field where chairs were placed) although the exhibitors didn’t have a chance to watch the games because the screen wasn’t facing their tents. So while last year, people were watching games while looking at exhibitor’s booths, this year people almost vanished from the exhibitor area when the games started. I don’t know if ESL was aiming for this because it meant a fuller audience (= better pictures) but also made the event less attractive for exhibitors. Additionally, if you were sitting in the audience and wanted to go to the exhibitor area, you had to leave the stands and walk around the outside of the stadium to a big entrance and then walk in. This meant a few minute walk for a linear distance of maybe 50m. So, just getting something to eat (which was mostly at the exhibitors area) and getting back to your seat took you two of these walks and the waiting at the food stands – so probably at least 20 minutes. And without screens you would miss whatever was happening on the screens during that time. Definitely not a good solution!

The best new thing at ESL One in my opinion was all the little details ESL had put a lot of work into. There was bullriding, american gladiator fighting, airbrush tattoos (ESL One or your favourite team’s logo) and – which was my favourite thing the whole event long – a balloon artist. You could literally go there and ask him for anything and he would make a ballon for you. A minion? Unicorn? Ninja turtle hat? just show him a picture and he would start immediately. Additionally he was the greatest guy, telling stories, talking to everyone, it was amazing and a lot of fun to watch and talk.

ESL did a lot for the visitor experience at ESL One. They put a lot of thought into it and it clearly paid out. The event overall worked flawlessly (until the very end where the stadium audience couldn’t hear the caster anymore – something broke during the winner’s ceremony) and more or less everything was better than last year. I’m sure ESL will fix everything so next year’s events will have all the good feature and miss the bad ones. This year has already been a great improvement over last year’s event! GG WP ESL!

Here’s a video I captured live from the audience in the final moments before the sound crashed to show the awesome atmosphere in the stadium:


WCS EU BarCraft + Hearthstone Tournament

We’ll show the WCS EU Season Finals – it’s the last ones in Cologne for this year so better use your last chance to watch SC2 with alikes, friends and cool drinks!

Like always we’re hoping to have the players, casters & co in the bar again after the games – I know I took a day off on the day after the BarCraft ;D

WHAT: WCS EU Finals + Hearthstone Tournament
WHEN: Sunday, October 5th, 4pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln

Additionally we’ll host another Hearthstone tournament. The prizepool will be built through and crowdfunding and attendance fees.
The attendance fee is 1 Euro/Person. The winner get 50%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd & 4th each 10% of the prize pool.

You can sign up to the tournament on http://challonge.com/barstone. Please use your battletag (eg. “Happyelf#1234″) as username for this tournament.

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/907582409270568/


Blizzard Gamescom Party

Gamescom is coming to Cologne again – and just like last year we wanna celebrate it BIG!

We’ll do a Blizzard Party on Sunday to end gamescom in style! We’ll show Hearthstone- or Starcraft-Streams and Videos, play awesome music and
If you have an iPad to play Hearthstone ask for the wlan key and challenge other visitors for a beer, a “Stimpack” or one of our legendary StarCraft Cocktails!

If you were there last year you know it was awesome, If you haven’t here are some impressions from last year:

WHEN: SUN 08/17, starting 6 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22. 50678 Köln

PARKING SPACES: http://www.meinestadt.de/koeln/stadtplan/parkplaetze/chlodwigplatz

share a taxi, make friends to party with (~10 € from gamescom)

– from Cologne main station (“Dom/HBF”): subways “16 BONN, Bad Godesberg” or “16 KÖLN, Sürth Bf” to “Chlodwigplatz”
– from gamescom festival: subway line “15 Ubierring” to “Chlodwigplatz”
– from gamescom (station “Messe Deutz/LANXESS ARENA” or “Deutz Koelnmesse”): tram “3 KÖLN, Ollenhauerring” or “4 KÖLN, Bocklemünd” to “Severinstraße” and walk 10 minutes to Chlodwigplatz (smartphone ftw^^)

FOOD is not served at the bar itself but at many places nearby.


Hearthstone Open Qualifier at our BarStone!!!

Our Barstone will be an open qualifier Heatthstone tournament: the winner qualifies for a zotac pre-qualifier, getting the chance to participate in European qualifiers and finally attend Blizzcon!

– Laptop or iPad with Hearthstone (WLAN-able!!!)
– power adapter for recharging (recommended!)
– some paper with your full name, BattleTag (e.g. “SleepyElf#0001″) and your contact email!
– maybe your security question/key of one of your registered Blizzard games. Your account might be perm-banned because you log in from somewhere else as you usually do

– we’ll need a group-photo of all participants (really!!!)
– the tournament only takes place if at least 12 people attend!
– system will be Single-Elimination Bracket, all rounds played as BO3
– you can only use one (1) deck the whole evening and must NOT change it throughout the tournament!
Alle infos are also available on: http://eu.battle.net/hearthstone/de/blog/14525392/barstone-qualifikationswochenende-im-juli-24-06-2014

Date: July 6th 2014
Starting: 4:30 pm
Event: WCS Europe season 2 Finals
Location: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln
(tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)


DotA 2 PubStomp for “The International 4″

Just like in the past we’ll do another PubStomp (= “Barcraft” for DotA) coming July, Event is (obviously) “The International 4″. The “Collner Bar” guaranteed us that we have the bar no matter how long the event lasts (it’s a time-difference of 9 hours) but last year it went on till 6 am as well ;)

Of course we’ll serve our DotA Cocktails again !!!

 Monday, July 21st
STARTING TIME: – yet to be announced –
(probably pretty pretty late due to the time-zone difference^^)
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln
TRAM STATION: Chlodwigplatz (Trams: 16, 18; Busses: 106, 132, 133, 142)
PARKING SPACES: http://www.meinestadt.de/koeln/stadtplan/parkplaetze/chlodwigplatz


PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE IN THE FACEBOOK-EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/795148627170162/


BarCraft + Barstone Cologne
WCS Europe S2 Finals

The best eight players from Europe meet up and fight for a prize money of 75.000 $. Watch live who can take home 25.000 $ for first place (and tons of WCS points) while enjoying our legendary StarCraft Cocktails, cool beer and an awesome atmosphere!!!

This event will also become our first “Fireside Gathering” aka “Barstone”, thus some kinf od Hearthstone meetup. Everyone’s invited to bring his laptop and/or iPad (we can’t offer PCs) and to play Hearthstone versus other visitors.
The StarCraft and Hearthstone Communities overlap in many areas and you’ll probably meet a few people to play against, discuss decks and earn the exclusive Fireside Gathering-cardback :D

Date: July 6th 2014
Starting: 4:30 pm
Event: WCS Europe season 2 Finals
Location: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln
(tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/863763830304678/

BarCraft Cologne #13
Intel Extreme Masters Cologne

The IEM in Cologne is coming up – and Cologne’s hero (and the one and only “foreign hope”) HeroMarine will participate!
As usual we’ll have a great atmosphere, delicious Cocktails and nice company and if they’re in the mood maybe some VIPs after the games in the “Coellner” – so come and join us!

WHEN: Sunday, February 16th, starting 2 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Cologne
Tram Station “Chlodwigplatz”

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/515123698606028/
Liquipedia: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/IEM_Season_VIII_-_Cologne
Official Site: http://de.intelextrememasters.com/season8/cologne-sc2/

BarCraft-Impressions when HeroMarine wins EPS

We watched the EPS Finals live at our BarCraft in Cologne on December 15th 2013 and witnessed local hero Gabriel “HeroMarine” Segat win (his first) EPS. People are cheering “Gabi” as nickname for Gabriel – who even showed up with his trophy later (photos here)
Thanks to ESL for the great show, Gabriel for his plays and of course all our visitors for the great atmosphere <3

Awesome goodies at our XMAS-BarCraft

Our XMAS-BarCraft is approaching and you might get your best gift at our place already nine days before Christmas!

We’ll raffle a StarCraft 1 Action-Ffigure “Firebat” (signed by Grubby, Kaelaris & HasuObs)

StarCraft Firebat

some Beta-Keys for Hearthstone (OMG OMG OMG!!!!!)

Hearthstone Beta-Keys

some more great prizes that we’ll add up with an awesome event with lots of highlights (cookies, glogg, live appearance on the official ESL-Stream and so on)…

Don’t let this slip through your fingers – see you at the Coellner on Sunday, we’re starting on 2pm :)

BarCraft Cologne #12
xmas-party & EPS Finals

When even Jadeong wins tournaments the year must be at it’s end^^

We’ll end this one with an xmas-themed BarCraft. We’ll warm our hearts with the stream from the EPS Finals and our bellies with glogg, kölsch and cocktails :)
Ofc we’ll provide some cookies and one or two surprises…

I’m looking forward to meeting you all one last time in 2013. We’ll start at around 2 pm and stop when we can’t go on – as usual :)

WHEN: Sunday, December 15th, starting 2 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/763428937005717/

Video: BarCraft Cologne witnesses HeroMarine win EPS!

Photos by Sanji Hong and Malte Sainisch.

How esports officials could support BarCrafts & Co even better – and why they should

I’m not only organizing BarCrafts in Cologne but similar events for League of Legends (Bar of Legends, http://lol-koeln.de) and did some “PubStomps” for DotA 2.
Now I wrote an article on our LoL-website where I describe the problems, party organizers usually face and what the industry (tournament organizers, game developers, sponsores, etc) could do to minimize them.

Additionally, I explain why I think that these “viewing parties” (to keep the term as neutral for all different gaming titles) could become very important for grassroots esports development.
Check out the article here:http://lol-koeln.de/2013/12/05/how-game-developers-and-tournament-organizers-could-support-esports-viewing-parties-and-why-they-should/

BarCraft Cologne #11
WCS Season 3 Global Finals

The best players from all three WCS regions meet up – 5 players from Korea and EU each plus six from NA! Who’s gonna take it in Toronto?

Meet friends and other folks, drink a beer or ten, flame that stupid imba race (you know which one I’m referring to! Exactly!) and end the week in style!

WHEN: October 27th, starting 6:30 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Cologne
TRAM STATION: Chlodwigplatz (tram lines 16 & 18)

Event on facebook

BarCraft Cologne #10
WCS EU S3 Finals

WCS Europe Season 3 Finals are coming up – and ofc we’ll be doing a BarCraft for this.

What awaits you:
– awesome SC2-Drinks
– awesome SC2-People
– awesome SC2-Games
– awesome BarCraft-Organizers ;)
– hopefully some VIPs coming over from the studio after the show is done (counting on iNcontrol here) :D

WHEN: October 6th, starting 3 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln

This will be our 10th BarCraft – time to celebrate!!!

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/524650870944725/


BarCraft Cologne #9 – Dreamhack Bucharest

BarCraft Cologne #9 - Dreamhack Bucharest

It might be short-termed but Dreamhack Bucharest’s lineup is just too epic to miss it! We’ll see Harstem, Grubby, StarDust, Team Axiom, some guys from TL, ToD, MMA, Dimaga, some guys called Flash and Innovation (OMG!!!!!!) and even more awesome players!

Join us in the Coellner Bar and enjoy games, Cocktails and great company by your fellow StarCraft nerds :)

Event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/511746002249848/

Event on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/1lujr7/barcraft_cologne_9_dreamhack_bucharest/
Liquipedia: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/2013_DreamHack_Open/Bucharest

BarCraft Cologne #7
WCS EU Season 2 Finals

We’ll show the WCS EU Season 2 Finals and maybe, some folks from the ESL studios will come over afterwards again (maybe you missed it last time…I can assure you it was awesome!).

We can also switch over to the WCS NA Finals who will take place after the EU Finals…could become a long night^^

WHAT: WCS EU Season 2 Finals
WHEN: Sunday, August 11th 2013, starting around 4:30 pm (time may be adjusted to schedule)
WHERE: Coellner Bar (Ubierring 22, 50678; next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)

– FREE ENTRY (you have to be at least 16 yrs old – for DotA 18 yrs!!!)
– FOOD is not sold in the Bar itsef but can be bought in many places around or even ordered directly to the pub.
– PARKING is free in the area but parking spaces are rare (we’re in Cologne -___-)

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you on AUgust 11th in the Coellner :)


BCON Clash Sponsor: kostenlosspielen.net

When we announced the BCON Clash we were just excited to have our own tournament go get all our Communities to fight each other. Now we are even more excited to announce our main sponsor: http://www.kostenlosspielen.net/


Thanks to kostenlosspielen.net we can actually announce a prize pool. The participating players never knew about this and just played for fun but now they can actually win something! We will distribute 400 Euros among the players in the following way:
1st Place: 200 Euros
2nd Place: 100 Euros
3rd/4th Place: 50 Euros

At http://www.kostenlosspielen.net you can play hundreds of flash games, browser games or take part in the kostenlosspielen.net-Community to get in touch with other gamers. And of course everything for free!!!

kostenlosspielen.net is also on facebook, so make sure to check out their page at https://www.facebook.com/kostenlosspielen. Give them a like, share it and tell your friends!

BarCraft Cologne #6
WCS EU Season 1 Finals & Afterparty

After the show it’s the afterparty…
And what an afterparty! Stephano, White-Ra, Redeye, Apollo, Babyknight, FunKa and lots of ESL- and Blizzard-guys came over to the Coellner to celebrate the WCS Europe Finals with the remaining BarCraft visitors. Stim packs were stimmed, Blue Flame Hellions extiguished and probably every SC2-Cocktail we offer was tested.

And White-Ra introduced Special Cocktail Tactics with his “Kill Ultralisk” drink behind the counter.

Ofc the BarCraft before all of this was awesome as usual and the whole WCS production top notch! Thx again to Blizzard and ESL for such a great event and to every one who showed up at our Bar. You all made this night very very special!!!

CHeck out the photos below or on facebook.

T-Shirts – Awwww yeah!!!

You asked for it many times (cause I wore some custom-made shirts on events^^) so we finally set up our own T-Shirt-Shop on spreadshirt!!!!!
The shop can be found on http://barcraftkoeln.spreadshirt.de!

At the moment you can order Standard-T-Shirts and “classic” T-Shirts (Spreadshirt home brand). Of course they are available for Nerds and Nerdettes.
Guys click here
Gals click here

Notice that you can hide and show different categories in the shop. So if you only want BarCraft-Tshirts or Bar of Legends-Tshirts to be shown you can adjust this here in the top-left.

PubStomp-T-Shirts will follow soon. We’re still adjusting the logo so it also looks great on shirts :). Till the TI3 this should hopefully be done… ;)

BarCraft Cologne #6
WCS EU Season 1 Finals

The first “real” BarCraft in 2013 is happening and it’s going to be a blast: We’ll show the Finals of the WCS EU Season 1!
Due to the fact that these are played out at the ESL Studios in Cologne we’ll continue after the tournament with an aftershow-party and hope that some fans, players and ESL-guys will join us from their studios in Deutz to celebrate in style and good company :)

Currently RO16 is being played – we’ll see who is going to advance to the Finals.

WHAT: WCS EU Season 1 Finals
WHEN: Sunday, May 26th 2013, starting around 4 pm (time may be adjusted to schedule)
WHERE: Coellner Bar (Ubierring 22, 50678; next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)

– FREE ENTRY (but you have to be at least 16 yrs old)
– FOOD is not sold in the Bar itsef but can be bought in many places around or even ordered directly to the pub.
– PARKING is free in the area but parking spaces are rare (oppa Cologne-style -___-)

P.S.: Expect some more prizes to be thrown at you xD

Event on Facebook


Official Site

BCON Clash – Represent your city!

We proudly present: The BCON Clash!
A tournament by BarCrafts for BarCrafts. The international BarCraft network, “BarCraft-Connect” (short: BCON; http://www.barcraft-connect.net) is launching this tournament, so friends of watching StarCraft II tournaments can have a go in a tournament themselves – and fight for the honor of their city. Participating BarCrafts each need to decide on a Champion to represent their BarCraft. How they make that decision is up to each individual organizer.

The big showdown of the BCON Clash is most likely to go down in June/July. BarCrafts will be organized for this tournament and each champion will compete on-site of their respective city-BarCraft. It will be streamed, casted and everything else that can be done with such an event! There are ongoing negotiations with various community Casters, primarily from the German scene. Details about the stream, and most importantly about the prizes/prizepool will be announced by the BCON soon.

Further information on Cologne’s Qualifiers for the BCON Clash can be found on http://barcraft-koeln.de/cup/bcon-clash/

DotA 2 PubStomp #1: Raidcall EMS One – Photos & Résumé

DotA 2 may be smaller than SC2 or LoL but the Community is still able to fill a Bar with people, laughter and an overall awesome atmosphere.

About 40 visitors showed up at Cologne’s first DotA 2 PubStomp for the finals of Raidcall EMS One. We expected a few more but we were only able to show the final game of the tournament (which the ESL had also changed from BO5 to BO3) – as a consequence the tournament was done already a few hours after the PubStomp had started. This might have led to some people not showin up at all :/

Nonetheless the PubStomp was great and all visitors (as well as the bar owner and us^^) were really content with how it went down. It won’t be the last event of its kind!

Did someone just say “DotA Cocktails”?

For our first DotA 2 PubStomp coming Sunday we spared neither trouble nor expense and created some unique DotA-Cocktails. They don’t just look and taste awesome – they also come with the handy feature to get you wasted in no time :D

We can’t present you the SPELL STEAL we’ll serve because it doesn’t stay the same: If you order one you’ll get the same Cocktail the last person before you ordered ;)

Man, I can’t wait till Sunday :D

Black King Bar  DotA Cocktail Crystal Maiden DotA Cocktail

Dagon DotA Cocktail Invoker DotA Cocktail

Keeper of the Light DotA Cocktail Lina DotA Cocktail

Tango DotA Cocktail Tower DotA Cocktail

DotA 2 PubStomp Cologne: EMS One


Many know my dream of an enclosing Gaming-Community in Cologne and we already have SC2-folks playing LoL and vice versa. Almost noone plays just “the one game” and we also want the DotA-Community to participate in the movement of eSports-Public Viewing – so we’re going to try this! Ofc you’re also welcome if you’re not into DotA (yet), it will be an awesome meeting of gamers anyways!

WHEN: April 21st, starting around 5 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln (next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)
WHAT: RaidCall EMS One Finals.

So far, qualified are Mousesports, Na’Vi, No Tidehunter and Fnatic.EU and others…
The tournament will be casted by TobiWan and Kawa.

– FREE ENTRY (but you have to be at least 18 yrs old)
– FOOD is not sold in the Bar itsef but can be bought in many places around or even ordered directly to the pub.
– PARKING is free in the area but parking spaces are rare

Event on facebook:


Official Site:

Community Cup #1 – Great success!!!

The Community Cup is over and the first Champion from Cologne’s Community has been crowned! Congratulations to Malte aka DarthPotato who defeated DuMbeutel 3:0 in the Grand Finals. Both contestants get a voucher of our BarCraft Bar coellner worth 15 and 5 Euros.

Casting was lots of fun and I’m already looking forward to our next Cup! This one will be bigger, better and even more awesome :)

If you want to witness the games (again) you can check out the VOD here

HotS Launch Party – Résumé & Photos

WOW! Our Heart of the Swarm Launch Party was the biggest thing since we’re organizing BarCrafts in Cologne.
90 Nerds and Nerdettes gathered in the Coellner Bar to drink, laugh and celebrate! The Show Blizzard presented on stream was extremely entertaining and in some party hilariously funny!
At the end, tons of prizes were raffled among the visitors since we had J!NX, Blizzard and Razer Germany as sponsors. Thank you very much for your great support!!!

Without a “real” photographer our few photos only show a small amount of the great atmosphere and all the awesome moments that happened this evening. Still – there are some real highlights! Thanks to all our visitors for making this evening unforgettable! I hope we meet again on another occasion :)

BarCraft Cologne Community Cup

BarCraft Cologne – Community Cup #1

Hell, it’s about time: We’re doing our first tournament for Cologne’s StarCraft 2 Community!
Everyone from the area is invited to participate (except HasuObs and HeroMarine, we want some excitement :P). If you’re lucky (or unlucky :D) your game will be casted live, you may even win something but you’ll definitely have some fun!

BarCraft Cologne Community Cup

Is only possible personally on March 11th 2013 at our HotS Launch Party (http://barcraft-koeln.de/hots-launch-party/). This Cup might end up a little smaller but much more personal, exclusive and will function as a test for our future cups.

Heart of the Swarm! What else!?!?

Monday 03/18 and Tuesday 03/19, starting at 7:30 pm each
(If much more players register than we expect we might re-adjust this^^)

Single Elimination; bracket-size depends on number of registrations; BO3 (Finals BO5);
first map will be set by us, afterwards it’s loser’s choice

Additional information can be acquired on March 11th at our HotS Launch Party. Remember to bring your data (bnet ID etc) if you plan on registering.

New Client – New Group

A new client brings a new group:
The latest update brought the group-function also to the WoL-Client. So we created a “BarCraft Cologne” Group you can join :)
Find people you met (or can meet later on) at a BarCraft in Cologne and play with or against them. Because playing with friends is simply more fun!
Just copy the link below, paste it in your adress bar at the top and press enter. The SC2-Client should start and you should be able to see our group. Clicking on the small gear grants you the option to join the group.


HotS Launch Party

HotS Launch Party, Coellner Bar, 03/11/2013, 7 p.m. / 19 Uhr

The release of “Heart of the Swarm” is hwaiting and we’re hyped as hell(bats). Supported by Blizzard we will show the stream of the HotS Launch Party in Versailles with players, casters, showmatches, behind-the-scenes-material and much more live in the Coellner Bar.
We’ll dance, drink and celebrate (Okay maybe we won’t dance because most Nerds don’t and we’ll probably drink a little less because it’s under the week BUT (!) it will be a one-time-event and awesome no matter what :D).
We’ll kick off on Monday, March 11th around 7 pm (the show will end around 11 pm) and will raffle lots of stuff provided directly from good old Blizzard so come over and join the fun :)

WHEN: Monday, March 11th 2013 starting at 7 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar (Ubierring 22, 50678; next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)

– FREE ENTRY (but you have to be at least 18 yrs old)
– FOOD is not sold in the Bar itsef but can be bought in many places around or even ordered directly to the pub.
– PARKING is free in the area but parking spaces are rare (typically Cologne -___-)


Event in Versailles:

Bar of Legends #1 – Review & Photos

Our first “Bar of Legends” event happened on Sunday 20th of January. TL;DR: WOW!

Lots of snow in Cologne area prevented many people to show up at our event at all :/
Nevertheless between 60 and 70 people came over. They watched great games, drank our special “Bar of Legends” Cocktails, laughed, talked and had a great time (at least I haven’t heard any complaints so far^^).
Of course this event was special because of one thing that happened: The live-on-stream-feature from us in Cologne to ESL in Katowice. I had been in contact with ESL for some weeks and we tested the connection some days before. So when the time was right (between the first and second game of the Finals) they started a video-conference via Skype live over the internet to us in Cologne. The video quality wasn’t the best (the reason is hard to detect – the webcam itself was able to stream in 720p, but many other factors on both sides or the connection between could be the problem) but the sound was just awesome! People were screaming so loudly I barely could hear ReDeYe speak to me. But I think the great atmosphere in Cologne came across :)

If you haven’t seen it yet:
here’s the video of the live-conference.
ESL also used a short snippet for their “Amazing Moments at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice – Third Day Impressions” video.

Overall I think the event was great! Intel Extreme Masters Katowice itself was a blast (especially its on-site-audience!), the games were exciting, Gambit’s victory (surprisingly?) well-deserved and noone in our Bar got flamed for being a noob ;)

Some people stayed much longer than the tournament (and prize ceremony for our Cheerful Contest – thx again to Riot for supplying us with some teemo hats, tshirts and more) lasted and enjoyed even more Kölsch, Cocktails and company – I really liked that and had a great night.
I’m looking forward to seeing many old and some new faces on our next Bar of Legends event. Stay tuned – we’ll be back :)

Bar of Legends Cocktails

It’s Cocktail-Week at BarCraft Cologne.
We did our best and created some awesome drinks for our upcoming event!
We’re going to present one COcktail per day this week so stay tuned :)



That’s it for now, you can try the Cocktails tomorrow, starting at 3 pm (these aren’t all vut we’re out of phtoos :D). I’m looking forward to meeting you! :)

Bar of Legends startet um 15 Uhr
Bar of Legends starting at 3 pm.

Unser “Bar of Legends” am 20.01. wird um 15 Uhr starten und bis zum (bitteren?) Ende der LoL-Finals gehen (etwa gegen 21 Uhr). Sagt euren Freunden Bescheid, bringt eure Partner mit oder lernt welche kennen^^, setzt eure Teemo-Hüte auf und kommt vorbei.
Ich freu mich auf euch :)


Our “Bar of Legends” on January 20th will start at 3pm and last till all the games are played out (should be around 9 pm). Tell your friends, bring you partner with you (or maybe meet a potential one^^), put on your Teemo hats and come on over.
I’m looking forward to meeting you :)

BarCraft #6 abgesagt!!! – BarCraft #6 cancelled!!!

Hey Leute :)
Leider gibt es Probleme mit dem Zeitplan. Scheinbar wird bei der IEM auch LoL bis zum Abend gezeigt und nicht wie erwartet nur bis 17 Uhr. Ein Event nur bis zum Halbfinale oä zu zeigen wäre sinnlos. Und da ich das Bar of Legends extrem stark beworben habe und verdammt viele Zusagen bekommen habe muss ich das auch zu ende zeigen.

Das “Bar of Legends” findet weiterhin statt!!!

Mir tut das wirklich sehr sehr leid aber es gibt leider keine andere Möglichkeit :( Ich verspreche euch schnellstmöglich ein anderes Event zu finden damit es für euch ein Ersatz-BarCraft gibt. Ich werde in Zukunft keine Doppel-Events mehr planen um solche Probleme ausschließen zu können.
Wer einfach Bock auf Bier, Cocktails und Gesellschaft hat kann aber auch gerne so vorbeikommen. Die LoL-Community beißt sicher nicht (das tut sie nur online^^) und ich bin auf jeden Fall da (wenn das nicht schon Grund genug ist!?).

Sorry nochmal :/


Hey guys,
sadly we’re experiencing some schedule-problems. At IEM, also the LoL-Games are played until the evening (and not only till 5pm as expected). Showing the LoL-Games only until semi-final or anything wouldn’t make any sense and since this is our first BarLoL and the demand seems to be very high I have to show it until the end.

This means I have to CANCEL THIS BARCRAFT! :(
The “Bar of Legends” event will happen anyways!!!

I’m really really sorry but there is no other possibility. I promise to find another event in the near future to host another BarCraft. I also won’t try double-events like this one again in the future to prevent something like this happening again.
Whoever wants to drink some beer, Cocktails or would just like to have some company is invited to come over anyways. The LoL-Community won’t flame you (because we’re not online^^).

Sorry again :/

BarCraft Cologne #6 – IEM Katowice

Dieses Event musste leider abgesagt werden. Alle Infos dazu hier.
This Event had to be cancelled. All regarding info can be found here

(english text below)

Die IEM geht nach Polen – wir bleiben in Köln und starten das neue BarCraft-Jahr mit dem Event aus Kattowitz.
Bisher qualifiziert sind: Grubby, Lucifron, Kas, Snute, Vortix, Nerchio, Bly, Stephano, Golden, Killer, jookto, moonglade. Wer hat da was von “Europameisterschaft” gesagt? :D

WAS: IEM Kattowitz Finaltag
WANN: 20. Januar 2013 ab ca 17 Uhr
WO: Coellner (Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln; direkt an der Haltestelle “Chlodwigplatz”)

– EINTRITT IST FREI (aber erst ab 18 Jahren)!
– ESSEN gibt es nicht im Coellner aber in zahlreichen Läden in unmittelbarer Nähe und kann auch direkt dorthin geordert werden.
– PARKEN kann man in der gesamten Nachbarschaft gratis, Parkplätze sind aber Köln-typisch begrenzt :/

Vor dem BarCraft veranstalten wir auch das erste “Bar of Legends” (News hier, Facebook-Event hier), also ein “BarCraft” für League of Legends.
Sobald das Finale dort ausgespielt ist schalten wir einfach um auf StarCraft. Einen genauen Zeitpunkt gibt es darum nicht, wir schätzen mit einem Beginn ab 17 Uhr, alle LoL-Begeisterten (oder -Neugierigen) können aber natürlich auch schon vorher eintreffen.

Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/405601109517450/
Liquipedia: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/IEM_Season_VII_-_Katowice
Offizielle Seite/Official Site: http://www.esl-world.net/masters/season7/katowice/


IEM goes to Poland – we stay in Cologne and kick off the new year with this event in Katowice.
So far, qualified are: Grubby, Lucifron, Kas, Snute, Vortix, Nerchio, Bly, Stephano, Golden, Killer, jookto, moonglade.

WHAT: IEM Katowice Finals Day
WHEN: Sunday, January 20th 2013
WHERE: Coellner Bar (Ubierring 22, 50678; next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)

– FREE ENTRY (but you have to be at least 18 yrs old)
– FOOD is not sold in the Bar itsef but can be bought in many places around or even ordered directly to the pub.
– PARKING is free in the area but parking spaces are rare (typically Cologne -___-)

Before the BarCraft we’ll also show the League of Legends-Finals (News here, Facebook-Event here).
As soon as the LoL-Finals are finished we’ll switch over to StarCraft, we estimate a start about 5 pm. If you’re also into LoL or just curious you can show up earlier of course :)

Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/405601109517450/
Liquipedia: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/IEM_Season_VII_-_Katowice
Offizielle Seite/Official Site: http://www.esl-world.net/masters/season7/katowice/

2013: Bar of Legends

We’ll start off the year 2013 with something new: “Bar of Legends”, that’s “BarCrafts” for League of Legends.

Our experiences with BarCrafts and the people visiting them have been so positive that we’ll also try it with LoL. We dislike the whole “LoL vs. SC2″ rivalry that’s going on and would love to see the communities enjoy eSports together instead of fighting which game is “better”… As a consequence we’re planning events following each other or maybe even dual events to mix the communities ;)

So far, the following is planned:
WHAT: Bar of Legends for IEM Katowice
WHEN: Sunday, January 20th 2013, starting at 3 pm
WHERE: Coellner Bar, Ubierring 22, 50678 Cologne (next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”; Click here for Google Maps)

– FREE ENTRY (but you have to be at least 18 yrs old)
– FOOD is not sold in the Bar itsef but can be bought in many places around or even ordered directly to the pub
– PARKING is free in the area but parking spaces are rare

Event on facebook:
Official Site:

Treffen zum EPS Finale

Heute ab 17 Uhr ist im Deutzer Studio der ESL das StarCraft 2 Final der EPS Winter Season 2012. HasuObs, Socke, monchi und Xlord kämpfen um den Titel der eSports Bundesliga.
Wir treffen uns um 16:30 an der Haltestelle “Drehbrücke“.

Wer zu spät zum Treffen erscheint und den Weg nicht kennt: Das Studio ist nur ein paar Meter die (Siegburger) Straße herunter, folgt einfach den folgenden Zetteln (wenn sie bis dahin noch hängen und nicht zugeschneit sind).

Ich freu mich, bis gleich :)

BarCraft Cologne goes EPS Finals

Das EPS Finale naht: Am Freitag den 07.12.2012 geht’s ab 17 Uhr im neuen ESL Studio um die deutsche StarCraft-Krone ;)

Wir haben noch ein paar Karten zur Verlosung bekommen! Zur Bewerbung schickt einfach eine Mail mit eurem/euren Namen an mail (at) barcraft-koeln.de!
Eine Karte kostet 7,99 € und muss unter folgendem Link bestellt werden: http://www.esl.eu/de/pro-series/winter_2012/news/209319/

Getränke und Verpflegung sind bei dem Event inklusive.
Ich werde definitiv dort reinschneien, das Ganze geht bis etwa 23 Uhr, danach geht’s mit denen die Lust haben noch auf ein paar Kölsch & co ins coellner. Wenn’s nach mir geht mit den Spielern, mal sehen ob die sich überreden lassen ;)

Wir treffen uns zwischen 16:30 und 16:45 Uhr an der Haltestelle “Drehbrücke”.  So geht man nicht allein rein und hat direkt Leute zum Quatschen :)

Ich freue mich auf euch und die Finals :)

BarCraft Cologne presents: The “Blue Flame Hellion”

Zum Dreamhack Winter BarCraft gibt’s unser neustes BarCraft-Special: Den “Blue Flame Hellion”.
Der bringt Worker zum Brutzeln…und euren Gaumen^^ Nichts für schwache Nerven aber genau das richtige für kühle Winterabende. Upgegradeter Glühwein quasi ;)

For our Dreamhack Winter BarCraft we present our newest creation: The “Blue Flame Hellion”.
This one makes workers sizzle…and your throat^^ Not for the faint-hearted but perfect for cold winter nights. Kinda like upgraded Glühwein ;)

Blue Flame Hellion Shot

[BCON] BarCraft Cologne #5
Dreamhack Winter

Year of BarCraft is coming to its end – this will probably be our last event for 2012. So because many people asked for it we’ll be showing Dreamhack Winter.

The best european players, a few Koreans (e.g. Taeja, HerO), Socke and TLO from Germany and the usual Dreamhack qualitiy will surely make this a great final BarCraft for this year.
BarCraft as usual again on the comfy couches of the Coellner, with great StarCraft Cocktails and: on a Saturday evening so everyone can stay until the end (or later) ;)
WHEN: Saturday, November 24th, starting 5:30 pm
WHERE: “Coellner”, Ubierring 22, 50678 Cologne (next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”, tramway 15&16)
FOOD: is not available in the pub but in many places close to it and can also be ordered directly to it
PARKING: spaces can be found everywhere in the area, or for 4 Euro/day on “Bonner Wall” (takes a little walk to the pub)


Official Website:

[BCON] BarCraft Cologne #4
EPS Winter 2012 Cup #5

Nachdem die deutschen Spieler bei internationalen Turnieren in letzter Zeit leider eher unglücklich ausgesehen haben dachten wir uns: Machen wir halt ein BarCraft wo garantiert bis zum Ende Deutsche dabei sind :D

Darum veranstalten wir dieses mal ein BarCraft zum fünften Cup der Gaming Bundesliga “ESL Pro Series Winter 2012″. Von Hasu und Socke über Goody und Hanfy bis zu Darkforce & Co sind hier hier alle Stars der deutschen SC2-Szene vertreten!

Das Ganze wie immer im Coellner mit dem coolsten Barkeeper Kölns und den weltbesten StarCraft-Cocktails!!!!

Wann: 6.11.2012 ab 18 Uhr
Wo: “Coellner” (Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln; direkt an der Haltestelle “Chlodwigplatz”)
Eintritt frei, Zutritt ab 18 Jahren

Offizielle Seite der EPS:
Brackets Cup #5:

Die ESL hat das BarCraft besucht und direkt einen Beitrag dazu produziert. Dieser (mit anschließendem Studio-Interview während des EPS-Finals mit mir) kann unter diesem Link angesehen werden.

Photos by Ewa Nowak @mouzVeya

The real Stimpack – only at BarCraft Cologne

StarCraft Cocktails gibt’s ja inzwischen auf fast jedem BarCraft.
(Wir hatten dazu letztes mal diese inklusive der stylishen Coktailkarten.)

Der Kölner BarCraft Think-(Siege-)Tank hat wieder zugeschlagen: Darum gibt es das echte Stimpack – stilecht serviert in der 20ml-Spritze und frisch importiert von Tarsonis – es nur bei BarCraft Cologne. “Who wants some!?!”

Stimpacks @ BarCraft Cologne

Many BarCrafts offer StarCraft Cocktails.
(Last time we had these coming with those epic Coktailcards.)

The Think-(Siege-)Tank of BarCraft Cologne has been active again and so, you get the REAL Stimpack – it’s best served cold and in a 20ml-syringe imported directly from Tarsonis – only at BarCraft Cologne. “Who wants some!?!”

BarCraft Cologne’s next Top-Sponsor: blackboxmedia

Für unser BarCraft kommenden Sonntag konnten wir die Kölner Agentur
“blackboxmedia” (http://blackboxmedia.org) als Sponsor gewinnen:
Sie schenken dem Gewinner eine de/net/com-Domain inklusive 1500MB Webspace
für zwei ganze Jahre! Bei Nichtgefallen läuft der Vertrag ohne Mehrkosten
aus – also kein Knebelvertrag oder sowas!

Wer schon länger darüber nachdenkt, eine Webseite für seinen Clan, sein Team
oder seine Gilde, einen eSports-Blog oder eine Newsseite aufzusetzen, sollte
hier mitmachen!

Wir werden das Ganze über einen Contest auf dem BarCraft verlosen und
entsprechende Informationen auslegen.

– eine Wunsch- .de/.com/.net Domain für 2 Jahre
– 1500 MB kostenfreier webspace
– keine Vertragslaufzeit / keine verstecken Kosten
– inkl. Service und Support
– nach Wunsch Vorinstallation eines CMS Systems (WordPress o.Ä.)

Vielen Dank an blackboxmedia für die Unterstützung! :)

Logo blackboxmedia

BarCraft #3 – Dreamhack Bukarest: Announcement, Résumé & Photos

We’re shifting gears and getting things done! So, the next BarCraft is already around the corner. It will be happening for Dreamhack Bucharest and wer’re expecting a typical DH-schedule (noon to midnight minus 1 our time zone difference), but we don’t have that confirmed, yet.

Nonetheless, dates will probably be:

Date: Sunday, October 21st 2012
Time: starting around 4 pm
Venue“Coellner” Bar 
(Ubierring 22 in 50678 Cologne, next to tram station “Chlodwigplatz”)


Short Review:

While the event was DH-typically of good quality, Highlight of the BarCraft was clearly the attendance of Kaelaris and his spontaneous “during-break” drum solo and the (also not-planned) Breakdance-Show by one of our visitors (video footage sadly is too dark too see a damn thing, I might upload it later anyways).
Watching starcraft-games on the big screen and enjoying a drum solo by an ESL Caster while some guy spontaneously jumps in to breakdance – where else are you able to experience something like that!?!?!?
You’re right: NO-freakin-WHERE!!! Additionally, people loved our “Stimpacks” – but who didn’t expect that? ;D


Facebook Event: 
Official Page:

And then along comes Razer…

Mal wieder…
Wie schon beim letzten BarCraft sponsert Razer (http://www.razerzone.com/) auch unser kommendes BarCraft am Sonntag. Diesmal gibt es nicht nur die vom letzten mal bekannten Zerg Messenger Bags sondern als Hauptpreis ein Headset “Banshee” aus der StarCraft 2 Edition. Dieses wird über USB angeschlossen und die Lichter daran können von euch individuell nach eurem Geschmack eingestellt werden – definitiv ein cooles Gimmick :D

Wie wir die Sachen unter die Leute bringen erfahrt ihr auf dem BarCraft – wir haben uns einiges ausgedacht also kommt vorbei ;-)


Just like last time, Razer (http://www.razerzone.com/) is again sponsoring our BarCraft coming Sunday. We will give away some of the Zerg Messenger Bags we had last time, plus a “Banshee” headset from the StarCraft 2 Edition.
The colours of the lights on this headset can be adjusted how you want them to be – that’s what I call a cool feature.

Come around on Sunday and find out how we’re giving away all the goodies – we came up with some fun stuff ;-)

Razer Goodies

BarCraft #2: Résume & Photos

Unser zweites Kölner BarCraft toppte das erste um Längen!
Einige bekannte Gesichter trafen auf viele neue, insgesamt kamen etwa 80 Nerds vorbei und die Stimmung war großartig. Am Ende konnte sich Stephano über den Titel “Europameister” freuen sowie einige Besucher über Preise von Razer und Blizzard, die dieses BarCraft mit einigen Goodies unterstützt haben. Danke an die Sponsoren und natürlich an alle Besucher die so zahlreich und laut erschienen sind!
Bis zum nächsten Mal :-)

HotS BETA KEYS bei BarCraft Köln

Blizzard provided us with some HotS BETA KEYS for organizing a BarCraft for their WCS Europe Finals on September 16th.

So if you want to play Heart of the Swarm before your friends do you should come by and try to get some. We will make come contests (Cheerful Contests for sure, so you can already prepare some at home) to raffle them under our visitors…


StarCraft 2 bei TV TOTAL

TV TOTAL hat gestern einen Ausschnitt der ZDF Kultur Sendung “FTW” gezeigt und raab-typisch kommentiert. Gezeigt wurde das Finale der ESL Pro Series von HasuObs gegen Hanfy.

Die “Berichterstattung” ist gar nicht mal sooo schlimm wie man es von Tv Total erwarten könnte. Vor allem macht sich Raab über die Fülle an unverständlichen Begriffen lustig die während eines solchen SC2-Casts nunmal unvermeidlich sind (ein paar obligatorische Witze über Nerds mussten natürlich auch sein – alles blieb aber im Rahmen und weit über RTL-Niveau).
Gezeigt wurde das Opening von HasuObs’ Spiel mit der Diskussion, ob er “Nexus first” oder “Forge first” spielt. Später kamen weitere Ausschnitte aus dem Spielverlauf hinzu in denen die Caster über verlorene Stalker, “38 Linge!!!” und Warp Prisms berichteten.

Für Nicht-Eingeweihte ist dieser Wirrwarr englischer Fachbegriffe (Pool, Hatch, Drone-Scout, Zerg, Forge, Nexus, Opening) natürlich völlig unverständlich und darüber kann man sich natürlich wunderbar lustig machen (ich muss zugeben dass ich ebenfalls herzhaft lachen musste als der Caster innerhalb von fünf Sekunden zehn englische Wörter aneinanderreihte mit denen “Normalos” absolut nichts anfangen können).
Man kann aber trotzdem Spaß am Zuschauen eines solchen Spieles haben, wenn man die Grundprinzipien von Echtzeit-Startegiespielen kennt (Ressourcen sammeln -> Basenaufbau -> Armeeaufbau -> Kampf). Genauso haben viele Leute Spaß am Fußballschauen ohne zu wissen, ob die Mannschaften jetzt 4-4-2 spielen, mit “Doppelsechs” oder “hängender Spitze” oder auch nur diese Begriffe zu kennen.
Selbst Standardbegriffe wie “über die Flügel” oder “Flanke” wären für einen Menschen, der noch nie Fußball geschaut oder davon gehört hat rätselhaft – ein Spiel könnte er nach einer kurzen Einweisung (Ball ins gegnerische Tor – kein gegnerisches Tor kassieren) trotzdem genießen.
Das gilt natürlich ebenso für alle anderen Sportarten: Was ein “Slice” im Tennis, ein “Fosbury-Flop” im Hochsprung oder ein “doppelter Rittberger” im Eiskunstlauf ist bleibt Eingeweihten vorbehalten, macht die Sportart aber nicht vollständig unschaubar.

Vielleicht muss man RTS-Games zugestehen, dass hier die letzten Feinheiten wichtiger sind als bei Fußball. Schon der Name “real time STRATEGY” macht deutlich, dass die Strategie, also die richtige Einheiten- und Technikwahl, Timing, Positionierung und Ausführung des Angriffs entscheidend für Sieg oder Niederlage sind.
Diese Feinheiten ähneln sich aber in vielen Spielen. Ein von einer Rampe aus angreifender Spieler hat nicht nur bei StarCraft 2 einen Vorteil, Techniken wie Vortex, Fungal Growth, Concussive Shells oder Psi-Storms gibt es unter anderen Namen auch in anderen Spielen.

Worauf ich hinaus will:
Wir leben in einer Gesellschaft, in der die Fußball-Grundregeln zum absoluten Grundwissen gehören. Ich würde behaupten niemand in Deutschland wächst auf, ohne diese zu kennen.
Für Echtzeit-Strategiespiele gilt dies nicht – ich würde aber ebenfalls behaupten, dass hier ein klarer Generationsunterschied besteht:
Jüngere Leute, die mit Computerspielen groß werden kennen diese Grundregeln!
Ich habe auf BarCrafts schon mehrfach (zufällig vorbeigekommene) Leute getroffen, die niemals StarCraft 2 gespielt hatten, den Spielen auf den Screens aber folgen konnten, wenn man ihnen erklärte, dass StarCraft “ein Spiel wie Age of Empires” sei – denn das hat (zumindest in meiner Generation) fast jeder einmal gespielt oder dabei zugeschaut.
(Einen Geschlechterunterschied gibt es dabei übrigens NICHT! Frauen spielen laut einer emnid-Studie zur diesjährigen gamescom sogar häufiger Strategiespiele als Männer. In den esports-Bereich verirren sich bisher trotzdem nur vereinzelte Frauen, was auch für die Anzahl von Zuschauerinnen gilt.)
Die absoluten Feinheiten des jeweiligen Spiels können solche Zuschauer wohl zunächst nicht erfassen – das unterscheidet sie aber meiner Meinung nach nicht von vielen Zuschauern koventionellerer Sportarten.

Spinnt man diesen Gedanken weiter muss man davon ausgehen dass das Verständnisproblem in zehn, zwanzig Jahren (so) nicht mehr besteht. Die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung wird bis dahin die Grundregeln von RTS-Games kennen, von der werberelevanten Zielgruppe der 14- bis 49-jährigen ganz zu schweigen. Insofern hat Raab mit seinem Scherz “Ich hab das ungute Gefühl, dass diese Menschen bald die Welt beherrschen werden” vielleicht gar nicht so unrecht ;-)

Wer sich den TV TOTAL Bericht angucken möchte klickt den folgenden Link an, das ganze beginnt ab etwa 4:35 Minuten:

P.S.: Der Schluss-Kommentar von Raab zu “Public Viewing am Rhein, 20.000 Zuschauer” wirkte bei mir natürlich zusätzlich – eine Email mit Einladung zum nächsten BarCraft ist zu TV TOTAL unterwegs ;-)

BCON BarCraft Cologne #2
WCS Europe Finals

After all the European National qualifiers have been played, the European Finals of Blizzard’s World Championship Series will take place on September 15th and 16th.

BCON (BarCaft-Connect) is organizing BarCrafts all over Europe for this event. BarCraft Cologne is proud to host its second BarCraft for this event in the “Coellner” Bar (Ubierring 22, 50678 Köln, near tram station “Chlodwigplatz”), starting on Sunday, September 16th at 5 pm.

What better way is there to end your weekend than spending your evening with lots of nice people, cold Kölsch, delicious Cocktails and great StarCraft 2 Action!? … Right!

Event on facebook:

Official Website from Blizzard:

The players:



In der Event-Sektion ist jetzt auch unser erstes BarCraft zu finden, das zur Summer StarCraft 2 Arena der MLG am 21. Juli 2012 im Coellner. Tolle Spiele, nette Leute und großartige Cheerfuls wurden auf schicken Fotos verewigt…

Hier geht’s lang…

Andreas Malessa

3. August 2012

Es ist vollbracht – Webspace wurde gekauft und die Seite aufgesetzt.

So wollen wir auch außerhalb von Facebook und Twitter eine Anlaufstelle bieten wo über anstehende Events informiert wird und in Erinnerungen über vergangene Events geschwelgt werden kann :-)

Die gesamte Seite ist noch längst nicht in einem Stadium mit dem wir zufrieden wären (es gibt so viele Sachen die wir noch gern einbauen würden), aber eine Beta-Version erschien uns sinnvoller als weiter gar keine Webseite.